The permit classifies that for one to qualify for any permit, they have to be 18 years and older. To get permits above Class B, Musoke says it is imperative that a driver is older and has gained experience.
• According to the law, Group A is given to motorcycles, Group B to allow one drive motorcars and dual-purpose motor vehicles, Group CM—medium goods motor vehicles and heavy tractors and Group CH—heavy goods vehicles.
• Group DL allows one to drive light omnibuses, Group DM to drive medium omnibuses, Group DH for heavy omnibuses, Group E for a combination of vehicles, Group F for pedestrian-controlled vehicles, Group G for engineering plant vehicles and Group I for hover vehicles.
• “An applicant for a Group E or G driving permit shall, before being granted the driving permit, hold a driving permit in Group B, CM, CH, DL, DM or DH which equates to maximum permissible weight or the maximum permissible number of passengers to the combination of vehicles or the engineering plant which the applicant proposes to drive,” the law further explains.
• It further states that a driving permit for Group B, CM, CH, DL, DM or DH permits a person to drive a combination of motor vehicles if the permissible maximum weight of the drawn motor vehicle does not exceed seven hundred and fifty kilogrammes or the un-laden weight of the drawing motor vehicle, whichever is the less.
• Musoke says he was able to acquire a high-class driving permit over the years after acquiring experience and at the time when he was given a job in a company that deals in agricultural produce.
“When I was hired, part of my job was to drive tractors and I needed to have a permit to drive such vehicles,” he explains as he displays his permits which he has renewed over the years. He adds that it is important for one to have a permit because it is a document that shows or proves that one is qualified to drive a given vehicle. He adds, “I have an H, DM, DL, CH, CM, B driving permit.”